How to Overcome Challenges of Effort Estimation in Software Development Projects?

Software development project managers won’t have to be reminded of the challenges of effort estimation. Despite the importance of the estimation process in project planning, trying to value the costs and efforts of software development projects beforehand is still an

Traceability Browser: How To Efficiently Manage Dependencies Throughout the SDLC?

Managing dependencies in the application lifecycle is a difficult task. There may be numerous relationships between several types of artifacts in trackers, and in complex projects, hundreds or thousands of dependency relations may need to be managed. With bigger projects,

In most work environments in the realm of software development, most of us have to handle multiple projects. Managing several projects (usually, each of them of high complexity on their own) is a task where efficiency is vital: one could waste valuable time just trying to stay on top of the progress made in each project, and that’s without digging deep into the details of each. Therefore, having a clear overview of the progress of all your projects and being able to track the tasks therein is invaluable, as it offers transparency with all your projects.