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7 August, 2014, 4:00 pm - IT Operations: Managing SLAs with Kanban

German Automotive Inventions: The secret of success?

It’s really hot all around in Europe, most of the people are away on holidays, some are still planning the holidays, and the less lucky guys already were on holiday. During holidays you can read funny stories on entertaining websites

Agile Release Planning in a nutshell

Initial release planning determines what product requirements listed in the product backlog should be prioritized and entered into the release backlog. Task estimation and development tasks are entirely the responsibility of the developers whereas the feature prioritization is the decision

Traceability is the key to success in application development.

What does it mean to have traceability throughout the entire lifecycle?

The process starts with Requirements Definition and end up at Release, before depoymen. Application Lifecycle Management tools ensure full traceability throughout all processes including tracking and tracing changes. As software is comprised of code, a good source code management system integrated with version control systems (Git, Mercurial, SVN) is required. During the webinar we will demonstrate how source code management is integrated into the entire lifecycle and provide tips on best practice as well as how changes can be efficiently managed. Features like traceability and dependency matrix will be highlighted. This webinar gives a practical overview on traceability issues throughout application development from requirements until release.