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  30 October 2014 - 16:00 CET - Agile Requirements Management

Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your Retrospectives

Retrospectives are short meetings held by project teams (not necessarily, but more often than not, working under the Agile framework) at the end of each project or process, whether it’s just an iteration or an entire release. The aim of

Roadblocks to Enterprise Scrum Adoption

In Part 1 of our Enterprise Scrum Series, entitled ’How to Adopt Scrum at Enterprise Level’, we talked about the additional Roles and Responsibilities required when scaling up Scrum for Enterprise use. The Enterprise Scrum Master has a difficult job

Traceability is instrumental in achieving compliance in both hardware and software development, especially in safety-critical industries such as health care and the automotive industry. Maintaining traceability is more and more challenging with the increasing complexity of software and hardware systems. With a single-repository system, achieving traceability is significantly easier.