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German Automotive Inventions: The secret of success?

It’s really hot all around in Europe, most of the people are away on holidays, some are still planning the holidays, and the less lucky guys already were on holiday. During holidays you can read funny stories on entertaining websites

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Agile Planning Board of codeBeamer ALM software to manage sprint and release planning more easily.

Agile Release Planning in a nutshell

Initial release planning determines what product requirements listed in the product backlog should be prioritized and entered into the release backlog. Task estimation and development tasks are entirely the responsibility of the developers whereas the feature prioritization is the decision

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Business Benefits of Requirements Management

Building a Case for Requirements Management Investment

Convincing business leaders of the need for investment in a Requirements Management Software or a more comprehensive ALM Software Solution is not an easy task and this is despite the overwhelming evidence of its value. Key to success is to
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The Benefits of Traceability Within the Application Development Lifecycle

Traceability as a phrase is used across many industries for example, within Supply Chain Management where transparency on processes, and ability of accurate tracking of changes is essential. In the software development lifecycle (SDLC) traceability primarily means the traceability of

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Industry 4.0 – Automation, Electronics Governed by Software Is the Future Set for ALM Solutions?

The new buzzword for industry in Germany is Industry 4.0. This term is used in Germany’s high tech strategy, the title for which is “the success of the German economic performance”. Deutsche Bank recently published a research report with the

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Team’s adaptability and experience are the key for success with Agile and Kanban

Adaptability and Experience are key to success with Agile and Kanban. In a survey among experts carried out by Intland Software, the following question was asked. How much depends on a team experience and adaptability in achieving efficiency and higher productivity with

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Agile Requirements Management - Intland Software

What is Agile Requirements Management?

Historically, to software developers the idea of Requirements Management is considered as necessary administration, required documentation, a painful process, traditionally done at the beginning of any software development project and preferably completed as soon as possible and out of the

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A Blended Agile Methodology Combines Agile with an Alternative

The term Blended Agile can be used interchangeably with Hybrid Agile and is used for scenarios where companies merge Agile with a non Agile, traditional development model. However, once an Agile blend is adopted, the question always remains as to

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7 tips to be more efficient in Requirements Management

In 2014 Intland Software executed a survey among its clients and partners to collect feedback regarding Maturity levels of Requirements Engineering. According to the analysis of answers Intland gives 7 tips for requirements engineers and managers how to increase efficiency

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Kanban for IT Operations

Issue management, tickets on Kanban with escalation status IT Operations teams have to manage several IT applications in parallel internally within the enterprise, or alternatively by providing IT application management service to external customers (ISPs). The main issue for those

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