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blog post 141411 increase test efficiency with parametrization

Increase Test Efficiency with Parametrization

In advanced Test Management solutions, parametrized testing supports the re-use of test cases and the importing or defining of test parameters for test runs with many different parameters. Parameters are attributes with different values that describe the live environment. Without

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Requirements Management Better with Agile-Waterfall

Agile-Waterfall Hybrid Requirements

Requirements Management solutions enable companies to define and elaborate requirements and manage them throughout the development lifecycle and testing phases. Requirements are usually „owned” by clients and are typically determined by the marketplace, an external force constantly changing along with

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Demand Management

Webinar Summary: Demand Management, Requirements Management, and DevOps

  Our latest webinar on handling Demand Management, Requirements Management, and DevOps with codeBeamer ALM software, addressed the core issue of Demand Management within the software development life cycle, from the initial concept to realization.We introduced participants to the importance

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Kanban: the most comprehensive tool for collaborative task management

Kanban is becoming very popular for collaborative task management in all areas of business, including front and back office activities. The Kanban method comes from production, and was first deployed in project management, then later many other areas of business

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Happy April Fools’ Day!

Vintage ALM

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Building an Agile Marketing Team

The shift towards social media communication channels and user generated content has created a challenge for marketing professionals, how to respond quickly enough to this trend and generate sufficient relevant content. Can Agility help marketing teams to handle this challenge? Download
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How ALM Supports Risk Management

How ALM Supports Risk Management?

Risk Management is a top priority in the medical and automotive industry, where malfunctions in software can cause recalls and serious injuries or death of users. Software embedded in cars and medical devices is one of the most critical parts of

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codeBeamer ALM Software for Automotive Industry to Avoid Failures

ALM Software for Automotive Suppliers to Avoid Recalls

The Autonomous Car, otherwise known as a Driverless Car or Self-driving car will be in mass production by 2020, if Google has its way. At the beginning of 2013, Anthony Levandowsky, project manager for Google’s self-driving robotic car, addressed a

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Mature enough for requirements re-use?

Requirements Engineering is a process that aims to define, document and maintain software requirements along the entire application development lifecycle. When working with the Waterfall method, it is usually done at the beginning of the development, whereas with Agile method

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Agile is More than Just a Software Development Methodology

To ’be Agile’ in business is to be able to react to the unexpected, to be able to adapt to a changing market environment and respond to consumers needs quickly. This also applies to software development. The Agile software development

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