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Project Browser: Faster Access to Projects

Efficient Project Management with the Project Browser

Project managers probably won’t have to be introduced to the difficulties of managing multiple parallel software development projects. From defining user stories and translating them to requirements through all the processes that pave the way to testing the piece of

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codeBeamer ALM software for Change Management and PMO

The Change Management Role of the PMO in Large Enterprise

The role of the PMO (Project Management Office) is responsible for enterprise program and portfolio cost management, and training related to project management. It is for this reason that the PMO is vital for change management and facilitating Agile adoption throughout

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Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) achievement quick and lean with codeBeamer!

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI ) achievement quick and lean with code Beamer! CMMI for Development at Level 2 and 3 can be achieved by SMEs easily. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process improvement and appraisal program implemented by Carnegie Mellon University. The certified level of Capability

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How To Increase Transparency in Your Agile Planning Processes?

How To Increase Transparency in Your Agile Planning Processes?

Flexibility and responding to change are two of the substantial values of the Agile approach, as proclaimed by the principles stated in the Agile Manifesto (‘responding to change over following a plan’). Basically, this flexibility is what adds the ‘agility’ to Agile,

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ALM software for Extreme Programming

Scrum, Scrumban and Extreme Programming

We have talked alot about Scrum, Scrumban and Agile Software Development methodologies lately but less about Extreme Programming. What are the similarities to Scrum? There is much confusion about Extreme Programming in that it is often thought of as an

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Benefits of Applying an Appropriate Risk Management Lifecycle

Risk management is especially important for safety critical industries such as healthcare (with the design and manufacturing of medical devices), aviation & aircrafts, transportation, as well as the automotive industry due to the risks associated with the design of cars. Increasing

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How ALM supports Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Buying ALM Software – Does it provide Collaborative Lifecycle Management?

The idea of providing a collaborative working environment for all those personnel collaborating on application development projects is nothing new since the whole Agile Methodology, is based on collaborative working. Many of the Agile software solutions available are relatively straight

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Embedded Software Development Differs from Enterprise Applications

Nowadays chips, tags and applications are all around us, embedded into cars, medical devices and home appliances, all to ensure a more comfortable life. As users we enjoy the increased functionality and how it makes our lives easier, providing entertainment

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version_control_svn_git_dvcs-codebeamer ALM software

Why Switch from SVN to GIT and DVCS?

…and why the compromise in functionality is no longer necessary. There is a lack of understandable information on the benefits of GIT and Distributed Version Control (DVCS) over Version Control with Apache Subversion (SVN). While there are always those happy

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centralized and distributedversion control systems

The Needs that Version Control Systems Serve

Version control systems are divided into two groups: “centralized” and “distributed”. Centralized Version Control Systems (CVCSs) and Distributed Version Control Systems (DVCSs) serve different needs. Comparing Centralized Version Control Systems to Distributed Version Control Systems is like comparing hammers and

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